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• Nikola Janković@jay-prime > DeFi Saver : Dear all, Round 6 of Gitcoin grants has started and we are here to once again ask you to consider supporting DeFi Saver with a small donation at https://gitcoin.co/grants/296/defi-saver . We remain a self-funded team and this kind of community support helps us find stability and longevity while we keep working on DeFi Saver. Since Round 5, we have introduced some major updates, including: -Automation v2, now with support for next price update in MakerDAO -WBTC support for all of our advanced MakerDAO features, including Automation -Complete overhaul of our Compound dashboard, now with Boost and Repay for Compound If you appreciate the updates and enjoy using DeFi Saver, please consider donating at: https://gitcoin.co/grants/296/defi-saver . Thank you. -Your DeFi Saver Team