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• Nodar@nodar > Zapper.fi : Dear Gitcoin Supporters,For those who don’t know, Zapper formed as a merger between DeFiZap and DeFiSnap - two entirely self-funded projects founded by and for the community. Our mission is to increase the GDP of DeFi by abstracting the complexities of accessing unique opportunities.With DeFiZap placing at the top of Round 5 and DeFiSnap placing at the top of Round 6, we’d like to say our synergy is well grounded in community trust.In recent months, we’ve shipped a suite of new features and helped Gitcoin implement bundled contributions.We will be using 100% of proceeds to partner with the industry’s best talent to help expedite the deployment of them all as well as an official audit.If you’re extra passionate about Zapper, leave a comment underneath your donation to let us know which feature we should build first and why!