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• phoebe@phoebepoon > LikeCoin - Republic of Liker Land : Greeting from the LikeCoin team! Thank you for supporting us in round 5 and our team has been working diligently in the past month. We have introduced the idea on ISCN (International Standard Content Number) for a while now and it is finally here. May 2020: ISCN (International Standard Content Number) has won the 2nd place in Cosmos Cross-Chain Hackathon. ISCN features two components 1) A Cosmos SDK module for users to record content metadata according to the ISCN specification and 2) IPFS plugins for querying and parsing this content metadata from the chain. (view more on Github) June 2020: The team is working on the next chain upgrade to include the ISCN feature. Expected to release the test net in June!If you like what we are doing, wanted to tip us, or be part of this open-source project, please support us in Gitcoin Round 6!