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geleeroyale@geleeroyale > Interspace.chat : With the funds from the previous round, the following was achieved:1486 DAI were spent on paying developers330 DAI were spent on servers for the period March through May384 DAI went to designing logo and branding651 DAI and 0.4 ETH remain in the multisig for now to pay for servers until more funding is securedMost development still happens when the team gets contracted to make a customized space or run a conference. We were pretty good at the conferences! In the last period we held three major ones: NONCON, ETH Turin and Solidity Summit.Going forward:- We have a great surprise conference planned that will make use of our latest feature:Our own **pretalx** instance that will be fully integrated into interspace conferences, to offer smooth event scheduling and onboarding of speakers(check out https://pretalx.com/ for more details)- We need to make a big overhaul to the whole architecture to make deployment and customization easier for a **white-labeled version**!