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tima-t@tima-t > Jelly Swap - Cross-chain Atomic Swap : Thank you all for the great support!We are releasing our incentivized market making program today and everyone can take part and earn up to 1.5% monthly interest on top of the liquidity that he is providing.https://twitter.com/jelly_swap/status/1273941894838525953Our mobile version is coming these weeks as well!https://twitter.com/jelly_swap/status/1273174471839490048Many blockchain integrations and new features are coming soon!We won't be able to build that much and to keep our motivation so high without you - our super cool community.If you decide to fund us in this gitcoin grant, here are the match rates:1DAI = 25 DAI10DAI = 55 DAI100 DAI = 89 DAIKinds Regards,JellySwap Team