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solsista@solsista > A Hitchhiker's Guide to Token Engineering : "A towel has immense psychological value..." so does structure! The wiki has come to life: https://github.com/Freeelio/TE-Book/wiki with "The Towel Sections" for contributors. I have started the blueprint for Chapter 4 in Early Access Mode (this is terrifying! writer's blockade much?!) The token model of the book is a source of sweet distraction :) Check out experiments with structuring book contributions/bounties through GitHub Issue templates: Seth's examples of SourceCred run retrospectively on kinda crowdsourced books like "Mastering Ethereum" https://github.com/Freeelio/TE-Book/issues/2 and many small indicators of "pull" made me decide I want to dedicate more time to this project. Your contributions are also motivating! Thank you! Do spread the word, please :) Will keep you posted, aiming at an annotated Chapter 4 "Token Model Generation" blueprint commit into the content repository with associated bounties before this grant ends. Also do come by this Thursday 7PM CEST