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• Griff Green@griffgreen > Giveth & Coz: Giving to COVID-19 Causes : Thank you so much for funding the Giveth 2.0 PoC DApp focused on COVID-19 last round.100% of the funds you donated went to COVID-19 Projects that you voted for on our platform.We have learned a lot from this launch and are now working on an MVP. We would love a donation of 1 DAI (or 100 PAN) to support this work to build towards a larger vision ;-D! Read more about it here: https://gitcoin.co/grants/795/giveth-20And if you would like to continue to support COVID-19 projects on the Giveth 2.0 PoC Donate to our new health grant:https://gitcoin.co/grants/793/giveth-coz-giving-to-covid-19-causesThank you again!GivethP.S. Here is a cart full of Giveth Projects: https://gitcoin.co/grants/cart/bulk-add/899;200;316,539;200;316,277;200;316,857;200;316,816;200;316,795;200;316,819;200;316,191;200;316,143;200;316,541;200;316,216;200;316,203;200;316,202;200;316,184;200;316,274;200;316,516;200;316,854;200;316,781;200;316,519;200;316,793;200;316,444;200;316,:griffgreen