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• Griff Green@griffgreen > The Commons Stack: Iteration 0 : Thank you so much for funding the Commons Stack’s Iteration 0 Campaign on Gitcoin in previous rounds! We have updated our grant with the latest progress and are excited to keep pushing forward on this project. A lot of work has been done, so much in fact we made a blogpost about it: https://medium.com/commonsstack/celebrating-progress-one-year-into-the-commons-stack-journey-871d08e5f3b4But the biggest news is the initialization of the Token Engineering Commons Cultural Build :-D Join us in Discord if you want to be a part of it: https://discord.com/invite/cHJc2UAWe would love a small donation to help this work to continue!There are several Grants that the Commons Stack are actively supporting, here is a Gitcoin cart with all of them :-Dhttps://gitcoin.co/grants/cart/bulk-add/539;200;316,277;200;316,308;5;283,853;200;316,517;5;283,798;200;316,816;200;316,541;200;316,857;200;316,795;200;316,899;200;316,:griffgreen Thank you again!The Commons Stack Team