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β€’ peth-yursick@peth-yursick > MetaGame : Thank you! ❀️ Didn't expect to get any support this round given we decided not to promote it and haven't even so much as tweeted it 😱 Reason: The Seed market should be launching next week, allowing you to support us by investing in Seeds. So it just felt weird asking for donations - especially since we haven't even spent the money from previous rounds (will be used for providing liquidity to the Seed market) Also doesn't hurt to leave more funds up for grabs for new projects :) If you're still only following us through here, here's the latest update: https://metagame.substack.com/p/meta-21-seed-reparations-and-other Consider donating to the DAO hackathon we're organizing: https://gitcoin.co/grants/929/fork-the-world-hackathon