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• dale-q@dale-q > @owocki : > @owocki : Hi Owocki, 7.5th bot creatives was awesome. I've sent two works on Github and they were looking good on it. But after they were minted - turn out some problems with display (white borders and error with background). https://gitcoin.co/kudos/19937/nu_pogodi https://gitcoin.co/kudos/20424/baymax Please, if you will have time, change them (or remint) for the last version, which I committed on github: https://github.com/gitcoinco/creative/blob/bcb521a58e2518b38236372b1cadde0229deedaa/Marketing/Art/Robots/robot_kudos/gitcoIn_bots/nu_pogodi.svg https://github.com/gitcoinco/creative/blob/bcb521a58e2518b38236372b1cadde0229deedaa/Marketing/Art/Robots/robot_kudos/gitcoIn_bots/baymax.svgSorry for this, I'm only learning to use Adobe illustrator.Nu PogodiThis kudos is a salute from USSR! https://gitcoin.co/kudos/19937/nu_pogodi