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• matlemad@matlemad > "3MILY" Royalties Sale MVP : Hi 3MY Grant funders! thanks again for your support and here some due updates:1) The 3MY contract has been verified on Etherscan.2) 3MY ERC20 tokens are now backed up by liquidity in ETH, LPT and BUIDL on Uniswap v.23) Phase 2 of this experiment is currently in design: now that we have some royalty token holders, it is time to drain some value into the contract and get our splits.I am currently evaluating the best form of monetization for music, considering that A) I believe music should be free to listen to, B) no-one really wants to download mp3 today, and C) I will not press vinyls until vinyls pressing companies will start using recycled vinyl, and for an affordable price. So some parallel thinking has to be put in action here.more updates soon! Matteo