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β€’ dawg@le-dawg > LeGrandJeu VR - bring Token Economics Gaming to the whole world!🀷🏻 : OK, the cat is out of the bag because gitcoin, for unfathomable reasons, captures the return key and instantly sends comments Instead of a classy knock-knock joke we get straight to the point:TL,DR; >>> VR is awesome but the nature of LGJ doesn't fit the capabilities of the medium yet, especially when taking cross-platform inclusivity into account. The proposed pivot is to align closely with the Token Engineering Academy and help grow LGJ as an important experience of growing into a token engineering mindset. It could be the entyry drug, it could grow into part of the academy, it could become an human actor based simulation environment for economies designed durign the progression through the academy. The moon is the limit. Honorable mentions go to @griffgreen @krrisis @jzaki for contributing even in the absence of shill. Let's work together on an online experience that can be the "CryptoZombies" for Token Engineering!