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xela@xela-gitWhy did I contribute to this grant again this round? Simple: grantees were honest and gave excellent REASONS for the pivot. Now the MISSION is even clearer than before - token engineering web2 game within the token engineering academy! https://gitcoin.co/grants/675/legrandjeu-vr-bring-token-economics-gaming-to-the 💰LeGrandJeu VR - bring Token Economics Gaming to the whole world!🤷🏻 | GrantsLeGrandJeu VR 2.0 - Token Systems Gaming in Cyberspacetl;dr 2.0:We want to bring a game that teaches complexity and long-term thinking to come online and help us spread the word about DLT, Token E… https://gitcoin.co/grants/675/legrandjeu-vr-bring-token-economics-gaming-to-the