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Brice BERDAH@tokenbrice > TokenBrice: Shining light on Ethereum's DeFi (EN & FR) : First, thank you for your generous contributions! I genuinely appreciate it. This grant was the first run for me, helped me familiarize myself with Gitcoin's mechanics.It turns out, Gitcoin works, even without pushing so hard! While I'll keep this personal grant to cover community expenses not tied to any specific project I take part in, I'll explore using Gitcoin to enable more ways to support community initiatives such as DeFi France or BanklessFR.I'll follow shortly with a quick post explaining the main expenses associated with tokenbrice.xyz & how the plan for your generous donations.Feel free to check https://tokenbrice.xyz/ for my content. A third DeFi guide is coming, and will cover incentivized liquidity pools!Thanks again for your support; see you in the Ether!