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• cdm@cdmWelcome to Monday, we hope you had a lovely weekend! 🤗 Our Gitcoin bounty has been extended to July 20th, so maybe this'll be the week that you learn a little more about Vega & what we're building? Participants get fast track access to our PRIVATE TESTNET ;) https://gitcoin.co/issue/vegaprotocol/0x955C6789A7fbee203B4bE0F01428E769308813f2/1/4467 #announce[501 Dai] Use Vega’s APIs to build a command and control app for traders | vegaprotocol Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin## Introduction Vega is a proof of stake blockchain for creating and trading derivatives. It provides infrastructure for decentralised markets that settle in assets held on Ethereum, and in future… https://gitcoin.co/issue/vegaprotocol/0x955C6789A7fbee203B4bE0F01428E769308813f2/1/4467