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Staff • Sachin Mittal@thesachinmittalvia Arweave Open Web IncubatorWeekly Check-ins ✅Hey Permaweb Hackers! Weekly-checkin for this week are here: these are very important to keep track of progress for both hackers and sponsors. Having these regular check-ins are a requirement for progressing in the incubator.I will be personally reaching out to all of you on Gitcoin Chat, to know more about your projects.Please post your weekly updates on Townsquare with (hashtag - update), tag my username (thesachinmittal), and brag about your hack. 📣Suggested Format:#updateProject:Team Members: “Gitcoin Handles”Link/ Description:Progress:Blockers:Sponsors:🎉 All updates will be eligible to pitch at mid-hack demo day, where there will be a 500 DAI prize and 25 DAI for all presenters. 🌈 #announce