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• Jakub Wojciechowski@jakub-wojciechowskivia Arweave Open Web IncubatorProject: LimestoneTeam Members: @jakub-wojciechowskiLink/ Description: https://github.com/jakub-wojciechowski/limestoneProgress: After loooooong period of making up my mind I've finally decided what I want to build and I'm super excited with the idea. I managed to set up the repo with a landing page, written short idea description, prepared a deck (thanks for the awesome masterclass from yesterday) and I've managed to save and load some on Arweave. Blockers: I'm feeling like I'm a bit late to the party (my fault). Are there any office-hours when I can discuss the idea with Arweave team members? What's the best way to do it?Sponsors: how to get one?