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• jabyl@jabylvia Arweave Open Web Incubator#update @thesachinmittalProject: Non-ZoneTeam Members:@jabyl @bengyles @dmitry-yudakovLink/ Description:Non-Zone is the Global Map of Stories for Experiential and Solo-travelers. To travel by experience, not only by location.Try it out at https://non-zone.web.appProgress: 1. Started implementing our Credit System - users now receive 10 SPACE for registering, and can use them to create/add new Stories.2. Dove deeper into Arweave Documentation, to work (A) on the architectural model for public release, and (2) financial evaluations based on predicted storing costs.3. Prepared a "speech-only" Deck for Monday.Blockers: noneSponsors: Arweave(?)