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• Paul Mullins@dentropyThe first step of building a dead simple automated kubernetes / docker deployment that stands on the shoulders of open source projects which I am working on here https://gitlab.com/dentropy/DentropyCloudThe second step is to write a piece of software that centralizes all useful metadata one can gather from ones devices and organize it to give users meaningful analytics. Location + All conversations with timestamps + keyboard and mouse movements + All social media interactions + music and shows watched + entire browsing history + how long each application was use and how how long.The third step is to create a decentralized AI marketplace where people can choose how much information to share with AI systems that try to help them live their livesSomewhere is the middle of this is decentralized spotify and netflix and youtube ;-) Aaron Schwartz is the first Martyr of Dataisim and I will learn from his death. I know this is too abstract to do anything with but that is why I am trying to build a team of co founders, consultants and advisors so we can have a proper design meeting. https://deseng.ryerson.ca/dokuwiki/design:kickoff_meeting Projects · Paul Mullins / DentropyCloudGitLab.com https://gitlab.com/dentropy/DentropyCloud