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• newforkdelta@newforkdelta > NEWFORKDELTA : We welcome the contributions of the community. You can contribute by improving the code, the documentation or donating. NewForkdelta currently interfaces with the original EtherDelta smart contract, which allows newforkdelta users to trade using the EtherDelta volume. However, this means that the trading fees still go to 100% EtherDelta and 0 for NewForkdelta. If you are interested in the NewForkdelta project and would like to contribute to your futureYou can contribute by improving the codehttps://github.com/NEWFORKDELTA/newforkdelta.github.ioSteps still to be taken to replace the exchange contracthttps://etherscan.io/address/0xd621c53cb24dfb0a8e6d06011c38edf32d49f687#codewebsocket:update order books with new smart contractEVERY HELP IS WELCOME