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• coreyrdean@coreyrdean > GruPur : GruPur is an open source social network platform that I have been working on for a while. It has evolved and moved between technologies a few times and there are features that need to be reimplemented but below is a general idea of the main features that will keep the GruPur economy thriving.Status is generated for each post, status can be tipped to other users for their posts.Relevance is generated when a user claims a group and can be tipped to users for their relevant posts.A group is created when a user adds a #tag to a post.Every week the main feed archives itself and starts new, but previous weeks will always be accessible.You can either link from external sources or upload content to IPFS for your content submission.Advertisement plots throughout the site will be able to be bid on to show your content.The price of any plot lowers over time so to keep your spot you will have to continuously up your bid.