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Staff β€’ connoroday@connorodayvia Matic Layer2 Smart Contract SecurityDevelopers: don’t miss our weekly Build-n-Earn meetup, today at 8 PM IST!Build-n-Earn is an incentive program established by Matic in collaboration with Gitcoin, designed to enable devs to create the best possible version of their DApps and thrive. We're holding weekly meetups every Wednesday at 8 PM IST for developers interested in learning more about Build-n-Earn.During this week's meetup, our Blockchain Engineer Rahul Prabhu will be showcasing Matic's POC for Reddit's Scaling Bake-Off!Build-n-Earn offers monthly recurring benefits, including:🀝 Funding allocation from a total pool of $50,000 per month.πŸ›  Technical support.πŸ—£ Valuable user feedback.If you have a DApp on Matic or any other blockchain, you could be eligible for Build-n-Earn! Join us to learn more about the opportunities provided by Build-n-Earn.πŸ“… Every Wednesday at 8 PM IST.🌐 Join here: https://airmeet.com/e/f9d21c70-d6b6-11ea-8c73-ab7ca9a54db1 #announce