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• Walid Mujahid وليد مجاهد@walidmujahid > Gitcoin Developer Grant - Walid Mujahid وليد مجاهد : Activity from August 2020:fix hackathons page loadtime: https://github.com/gitcoinco/web/pull/7254(follow up fix for previous PR) prevent missing object error in local builds when in debug mode: https://github.com/gitcoinco/web/pull/7285fix that prevents duplicate registrations by same user on an event: https://github.com/gitcoinco/web/pull/7290small changes and additions:remove a couple of duplicate environment variables: https://github.com/gitcoinco/web/pull/7184add the python git-diff driver to gitattributes for convenience: https://github.com/gitcoinco/web/pull/7299