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Luca Cervone@cervonelucaGood Morning GitCoiners! It is an honour for me to present you OpenBits: http://openbits.world ... don't wanna spoiler to much on what it is 😀. If you like it, be sure to join our discord to stay updated! https://discord.gg/ZYjAwXk ... Want more? Grab some OPENBITS PST by participating in our opportunities https://community.xyz/opportunity (or very soon to some of our gitcoin bounties) ! openbitshttps://p6bylspi5pgzhgpopueybspzr6lb6svxlhwowbzbdu5mzgtgqwiq.arweave.net/f4OFyejrzZOZ7n0JgMn5j5YfSrdZ7OsHIR06zJpmhZE/