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Victor Porton@vportonI'd like to form a new political party(ies). It could be called for example "social libertarian party" or "left libertarian party". Don't be fooled by these phrases. It is not social, not left, and not libertarian, I use these words because there are no more exact terms yet. The position of the party: common good and charity supported by free markets. I emphasis the idea to mint tokens for good deeds. I emphasis the idea that humans make decisions, not just abstract laws of economy. There is a software for this: https://gitcoin.co/grants/177/crypto-reward-courts?tab=description - If you want to participate in this project or in forming the party(ies), feel free to contract me or reply. But now I am busy with particular projects. Crypto Reward Courts | GrantsYou can also donate by a credit card.Reward Courts is an Ethereum blockchain ("crypto") project allowing anybody to create a "court" that could reward anybody other (or himself) with an arbitrary a… https://gitcoin.co/grants/177/crypto-reward-courts?tab=description