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Victor Porton@vportonI have created a clone of GitCoin https://fritcoin.com that freely allows to post any kinds of bounties by anybody without restrictions. Possible issues: The site may be slow (please comment if my server is too slow). GitCoin bot is not configured (I am unsure whether I should use my own GitHub account or the account of the GitCoin team to run GitCoin bot, please explain it to me). Feel free to post bounties, grants, fund grants, post on TownSquare at my site. My site is completely free, but sometimes may display ads, I plan to remove ads in the future as a better funding system emerges. This page: https://fritcoin.com/about mentions that it is a clone of GitCoin. You may try to post your bounties and check if they will be done for a lower price than at GitCoin, for an experiment. #announce