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Rahimuddin Alrashel@mrarashel > A Smart Contract Generator : As software programmers, we are all very interested in new technologies. We always strive for everyone's instinctive use with new evolving technologies. However, this path is not easy.Concentration, hard work, money are needed for the implementation of the objective. In the absence of any of these three, the objective is often hindered in implementation.Similarly, we took the initiative to develop AI-Based GUI to develop Smart-Contract, so that everyone can easily develop Smart-Contract without the external use of any programming language. We hoped that every Gitcoin user would like it and provide financial support. Unfortunately, no one did. excuse me, we respect the personal decision of each user. For the time being there may be some problem in implementing our goal, but we are hopeful that it will be resolved soon. Moreover, if someone gives financial support, it will be considered as praiseworthy.Thanks you all.