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Lefteris Karapetsas@lefterisjp > Rotki - The portfolio tracker and accounting tool that protects your privacy : Hey all!You are getting this message because at some point you funded Rotki via Gitcoin grants.The 7th CLR round is just starting and it would be pretty cool if you could help us by donating again in this round.Unlike many other projects we are entirely bootstrapped and self-funded so funding from the community via donations is really important for us.Check out the updated grant description to see what we have achieved in the 2 months since the last round. It's a lot! Many improvements and a ton of new features.You can also read all the details in the release notes of the last 4 releases: https://github.com/rotki/rotki/releasesHelp us do portfolio tracking and accounting the right way! Be being opensource for transparency and auditability. And be being a local application that keeps everything locally and encrypted to protect your privacy.