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Samarth Sandeep@gravityshouldbenautGitcoin community what is up! My name is Samarth and I want a hyperloop today! Our transportation infrastrucutre is as old as the hills, and building a new one from scratch could create a more reliable green grid and millions of jobs. Do you want to see high speed transport near you? Support my grant for funding controls research in hyperloop today! https://gitcoin.co/grants/1160/democratized-controls-architecture-for-the-develo #announce💰 Democratized Controls Architecture for the Development of Hyperloop Pod Management | GrantsMain IdeaCooper Hyperloop, Hyperloop IITB, Strathloop, and HyperXite are student hyperloop teams looking for a minimum of 5000 DAI in funding in order to build a shared, hyperloop controls infrastr… https://gitcoin.co/grants/1160/democratized-controls-architecture-for-the-develo