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Victor Porton@vportonI need 5 people to form world first new economy free tokens committee. As soon as we find 5 people, I expect that the committees would reproduce (as a committee would fund several other committees with tokens) and eat the world economy increasing efficiency and decreasing injustice. Free market but not capitalism. No need for state and taxes. Become a judge (see the site on how to join), fund the grant to pay to judges (I want to post a bounty) if we have not enough volunteers. https://gitcoin.co/grants/177/crypto-reward-courts?tab=description - https://reward.portonvictor.org/ - You can make money by voting to mint tokens to yourself (however, if you mint yourself to much, you won't profit as you would crash the exchange rate of your token). #announce💰 Crypto Reward Courts | GrantsYou can also donate by a credit card.Need about 5 voting committee members to start. (Then the committees would reproduce as committees would fund other committees.) I have already found some peopl… https://gitcoin.co/grants/177/crypto-reward-courts?tab=description