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โ€ข Alxndr Diji@blockchayneHey guys, just in case this slipped past anyone. Uni swap just released their token and it came with a retrospective clause that awards anyone who used uniswap before September 1st. You can enter your address on app.uniswap.org to see if you have any UNI to claim. I found two addresses that I had previously made a uniswap contract call. Was awarded 400 UNI per address for a total or 800 UNI which i liquidated immediately for a total of $4,225. Incredible!! I apologize for the spammy post and Iโ€™m not pushing the uniswap service. But if youโ€™ve already used it - even id the transaction failed - you have aprox $2,000 USD worth of UNI waiting to be claimed. Instant transferred into your wallet!! Let me know if anyone is able to claim UNI. ๐Ÿฆพ๐Ÿ˜Ž #announce