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• Ferran@ferranrego > Vocdoni - Decentralized anonymous voting : Hello Vocdoni contributor!Let us introduce the last updates of our project!⚡We moved our voting infrastructure to xDai🗳️ We organized a board election of the biggest cultural association in Europe with more than 180k members🚀 We've been used for +20 Real World organizations (associations, cooperatives, city councils and political parties)🤫 We're close to have full anonymous voting implemented thanks to zk-SNARKs!⚙️ We've designed a new version of our voting smart contract, now allows all-kind of voting processes, including Quadratic voting!🔌 We documented our API to allow Third party projects easily integrate our voting infrastructureDiscover more about Vocdoni @ our blog: blog.vocdoni.ioOr join us @ Discord: https://discord.gg/sQCxgYsAnd don't miss donating to our project, each DAI will help us continue developing the first anonymous and universally verifiable layer for the crypto space!🤫⚙️https://gitcoin.co/grants/202/vocdoni-decentralized-anonymous-voting