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• skyminert@skyminertNew mechanism for matching idea: Decentralized Diversified Giving (aka "DeDivGiv")Could the holy grail in matching be achieved with diversification?Example… all in one round together:20% traditional CLR matching (whales can’t run the show)20% pairwise-bounded quadratic matching (teams can’t team up)20% CLR matching with Negative votes (shorts allow a free market)10% single matching (good ol’days)10% 3x matching (encourages donations larger than 1 Dai)10% Randomized matching (Intros lottery element - play lotto for your cause!)10% Sample-vote matching (David Chaum knows)Benefits:Hard to game; a gamer might go in circlesWith the right optimization may not need identity???Diversification often makes things better - the game-able characteristics of certain strategies would be highly reduced by the other strategies.Any math modeler that could see how it compares to past rounds? Thoughts? #other