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• Luca Cervone@cervonelucaThank you Vivek Singh @vs77bb and to all #kernel fellows! The OpenBits @gitcoin grant has now 4 supporters! Help us to climb the CLR matching in this last week! The #multiverse will spread some love to you for your support! #opensource #javascript #NodeJS #arweave #Web3 !https://gitcoin.co/grants/1157/openbits-reward-developers-of-bits-of-the-open-mu 💰 OpenBits - Reward Developers of Bits of the Open Multiverse | GrantsOpenBits (http://openbits.world) reward developers for creating those small packages that lay the foundation to all the complex applications we use day by day. Open Source (hereinafter OS) develope… https://gitcoin.co/grants/1157/openbits-reward-developers-of-bits-of-the-open-mu