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MahaLakshmi@mahalakshminadarSome time we restrict ourselves just being lazy and justifying our laziness by sticking to old technology.For Example: Devs of #Blockchain stick to Ethereum when their are lots more network with multiple functionalities. I have started exploring XinFin XDC Network these day and tried to deploy a small smartcontract on XinFin Apothem Network, also deployed another smartcontract on XinFin Mainnet today : https://explorer.xinfin.network/tx/0x82f37f34f8b9b0e5daaa0b23c038598ad5ddda57f0384e07733abf23144ba667To be honest, while trying 1st time it took 5 minutes & just 3 minutes 2nd time. XinFinScan Block Explorer https://explorer.xinfin.network/tx/0x82f37f34f8b9b0e5daaa0b23c038598ad5ddda57f0384e07733abf23144ba667