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• Petr Porobov@porobov > Upala 🤖 Price-of-forgery digital identity : On 11 July 2029, the North American Resistance launched an all-out assault on Skynet’s defense grid and mainframe at SAC-NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. The operation was successful and the computer mainframes were taken over…It is always easier to prevent bad things from happening than deal with terrible consequences! Humans! We’ve got less than 9 years left! I’m glad we’ve got here the few who understands! This Gitcoin round was by far the best one for us. Upala received 412 DAI from 46 contributors, which also resulted in 249 DAI match from Gticoin.Thank you for your contribution to Upala and welcome to the resistance!Join us human!Telegram - https://t.me/cherish_the_difference_UpalaDiscord - https://discord.gg/fa3q8rqTwitter - https://twitter.com/TheUpalaThis newsletter is tied to Gitcoin Matching rounds. The plan is to issue two letter a round - one during a round and one after.