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Staff Bot@gitcoinbotWelcome to @the-infinnitemind, @worradate, @madao-3, @kpm2018, @lizc106, @nathan-at-least, @kjpr007, @slashya, @tusandii, @learntodroid, @fabriciocovalesci, @indieblockrds, @elpretentio, @ddebenedittis, @aserena75, @maxp0o, @mohammad-cp, @munichis, @chrisgramberg678, @mwolfod, @anderson256, @hreed212, @lowryder69, @snl1989, @xuwil, @bschorchit - Whats everyone working on this week?Lets perhaps get them started with a few tips / kudos? πŸ’Ž