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Daniel Tsui@sdtsui > Bob Wallet : 10/29 Update, From Telegramhttps://t.me/bobwalletWe got another user confirmation on the nameswap/balance bug being fixed, feeling pretty good about it now.Assuming nothing major/breaking comes up, likely to fit that, in addition to the following, to our next release:- Minor fixes like register button/ux.- "Redeem All" and "Reveal All" (h/t to @ca98am79 )- Improved watchlist search, import/export watchlist.- Long overdue ToS so lawyers are happy - this might generate some questions, so adding a link here ahead of time:https://github.com/kyokan/agreements/blob/main/Kyokan_PP_Latest_10282020.pdfChat here, or issues in kyokan/agreements if anyone wants to discuss.