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bhattanchal2201@bhattanchal2201check my latest smart contract state machine deployed. a message is sent from a different account to a contract function to cause a change in state. If the input is valid for the current state, the State Machine will move to a new state.here is the link:https://explorer.apothem.network/tx/0x198182b73b1e661e79f0d42aca8f2156a8f7bec0483c6069a6c90e70bc60116f@XinFin_Official @CoinDesk @wallet@XDCWhale#change #blockchain #data#cryptocurrency #bigdata #cybersecurity XinFinScan Block Explorer https://explorer.apothem.network/tx/0x198182b73b1e661e79f0d42aca8f2156a8f7bec0483c6069a6c90e70bc60116f