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Staff Bot@gitcoinbotWelcome to @power458, @yinhl1900, @eserow, @rehetinde, @msh4310, @lemeneguelli, @marinette, @slideloft, @pisflis, @funarp, @mrtrantuan, @datty427, @yizhilee, @treantbg, @skylightpool, @cryptorunner2049, @amarildogrembi, @harryakbar99, @zerowell321, @martinwaye, @justinsnapp, @tanphuc15, @ggdi, @erikdeuce, @tulong59, @harsh4760, @pfed-prog, @halefaith247, @princesaroj111, @llporzall - How is everyone doing today?Lets send a few kudos to them to get them started on the platform. πŸ’Ž