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Steven McKie@smcki012 > Handy Software (HandyBrowser & HandyMiner) : The 3 of us here at the Handy OSS team behind HandyBrowser and HandyMiner, are happy to release version v0.2.0 of HandyBrowser! Final v0.2.0 Changelog: - Added Godane proxy support - Added HNSD light resolver for faster Handshake Name resolution during initial sync (switches to HSD fullnode once successfully sync’d, improving network security with each new browser install) - Added the quick reference guide both external and within the app for quick setup to your other browsers and mobile devices - Added Bitcoin donation address modal for HandyBrowser team - Added support for music playback - Bugfixes: enable fullscreen video support; fixes for Vimeo/Netflix playback - Security: Tested Mist (Electron) XSS Vulnerabilities against HandyBrowser, mist vulnerability report (Thanks Avsa and the Ethereum community for this) - Security: Verified a range of certificate warnings/errors with