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Steven McKie@smcki012 > Handy Software (HandyBrowser & HandyMiner) : Announcement for all Goldshell HS1/HS1 Plus Miners: HandyMiner v0.0.4 of the CLI and GUI are now up, with improved support for the HS1 Plus - as well as support for mixing the various types of machines in your setup. Just plug and play. Big thanks to Goldshell for the continued developer units, and we hope everyone enjoys our simple and easy to use mining suite as it *hopefully* continues to evolve as long as we get some form of donation from the community or Goldshell themselves - soon. Do you use HandyMiner or HandyBrowser? Remember you can donate directly to the HandyMiner team with HNS: hs1qwfpd5ukdwdew7tn7vdgtk0luglgckp3klj44f8 https://medium.com/amentum/handyminer-gui-and-cli-updates-74260430e104