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Staff Gloria Kimbwla@gkimbwalavia Built to Explore - A Dream of the FutureThursday April 22 @ 3 PM EDT Skynets Lab will be hosting a workshop titled: Web2 to Web3 - Building a Modern Full Stack dApp w/ Nader Dabit, Developer Relations at The Graph. Nader recently joined Edge & Node where they are building and investing into the Web3 ecosystem. As a traditionally full-stack React developer, he had a hard time understanding this entirely new (to him) ecosystem, how everything fit together, and the mental model needed to understand and be a productive full stack developer in this space.In this talk, Nader will give an overview of the space, how you can get started building these types of applications, and live code a production full-stack environment from scratch to get up and running with a basic dApp.This workshop will happen via Airmeet https://www.airmeet.com/e/60d585e0-970c-11eb-bfbb-3361cd1b2fd8or you can catch the replay via Youtube. https://youtu.be/SthwA8iS3P8 #announce