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Verified Contributor

Verified Contributors are outstanding contributors who have proven themselves by doing awesome work.

To be a Verified Contributor, a contributor has to:

  • Be speedy and responsive
  • Have great communication
  • Write clean, bug-free code
  • Complete 10 bounties

Interested in being verified?

Request Verification


What does verified mean?

A verified contributor has met criteria that a Gitcoin core team member deems as a trusted contributor.

Does verified contributor mean that I should use this contributor on my project?

A verified contributor is someone who has worked with, interacted with or been recommended by a fellow funder. When looking for the right contributor for your projects, please use the vetting criteria you would normally use.

How can I become verified?

Complete the typeform link to send a request to the Gitcoin Core team.

What happens after I request verification?

An email will be sent to the Gitcoin Core team for review. Please expect 72 hours for a verified confirmation.

What are the perks of being a verified contributor?

Being verified is a great way to let potential funders or repo owners know that you are a dependable and quality contributor. This may allow for opportunities on new and exciting open source projects, bounties, or grants!