Gitcoin is more than just a social media platform. We are a community of diverse people with various background - cultural and moral. However different we may be, we are bounded by universal rule of respect, kindness, and responsibility.

Like other platform, we have our Code of Conducts so everyone will feel safe and be able to fully utilize our products. These codes are in place not to limit anyone but to make sure we all conduct ourselves appropriately.

It is highly expected everyone will adhere to these codes and call out or report those who purposely violates for proper sanctions.

Code of Conducts

  • Only Constructive Criticism Allowed.
    If you see any user asking for help or maybe it looked like he/she couldn't express themselves in a easy manner. Provide good & positive thinking only to the user or refrain at all!
  • No Spamming.
    This includes:
    • trolling
    • posting spammy links
    • posting or commenting Ether Addresses asking for tips
  • No to Fraudulent Offers.
    • posting referral links to "projects" which are questionable
    • scams
    • any false promise of earnings
  • Respect for Individual.
    • be mindful and think before posting anything
  • No Cursing.
    • we are all professional and so we should behave like one
  • No Pornographic Materials.
    • videos, photos, and / or links
  • No Gore Material.
    • sensitive / gruesome materials like accidents and the likes
  • Respect User Privacy.
    • no posting of private information : such as names and contact details as well as wallet addresses without permission from the owner
  • No Hate Speech.
    • attacking people based on their gender, religion, race, or beliefs
  • No to Threats.
    • any statement or intention to cause harm to anyone or property
  • No to Intellectual Piracy.
    • give where credit is due
  • Be Kind.
    • a small act of kindness won't hurt

Town square Code

- Don't publish any refferal link or account address

- Don't ask people for donations/tips

- Don't share the same post more than once

- Don't spam the feed

- Don't post/share hateful speeches, threats, trolls about religions or beliefs

- Don't post/share private informations or fake news

Important Notice

These codes are a work in progress and subject to change per community and/or Gitcoin Team discretion.

For any reports of violations, reach out to any Gitcoin Staff.