We all have different ways of learning. The different ways by which we learn new concepts have varying impacts on our ability to produce good work. Some people are more engaged in learning when alone and reading a white paper or some other long document on a topic. Others, however, are more comfortable learning about new concepts through audio or video. This is one of the many reasons that Gitcoin's community streams are awesome. Not only can you learn about activities in the Ethereum community, but you can get more acquainted with both fundamental and advanced blockchain concepts.

Where Community Streams Take Place

Gitcoin's community streams usually take place on YouTube (Gitcoin Media) and Zoom. You will typically receive a notification on Gitcoin's website when a livestream is about to take place. You can easily join a livestream by accessing one of the platforms. A Zoom link may be provided through Gitcoin's Youtube channel or website.

A calendar is available on gitcoin.co/livestream.

What are Community Streams About

Community streams cover different topics. They usually involve the participation of various members of the Ethereum community, discussing different topics that affect the blockchain community. Gitcoin livestreams include meaningful conversations on:

  • Decentraland
  • Skynet Virtual Hackathon
  • Sustain Web3
  • Social Impact Incubator
  • One Million Devs Lightning Talks
  • Grants Round 4 Lightning Talks
  • Airswap
  • Gitcoin Quests
  • OpenCollective
  • Waves & Comodo Lending
  • RadicalxChange
  • Cent and Chainshot
  • Radical Markets
  • Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin's livestreams involve a host of different members of the blockchain community who offer deep insights into key areas of the sector. Whether you are new or experienced in blockchain and open source technologies or experienced, you'll find the livestreams to be not only highly informative but also a great way to connect with other members of the blockchain community from around the world.

Why You Will Love Community Streams

Sometimes (like in most news feeds), one may miss specific updates in the Town Square. This is normal. Livestreams can offer more in-depth explanations of concepts you may have come across in the Town Square or other parts of Gitcoin. You are given many opportunities to ask questions that can be answered on the spot.

With the information provided on livestreams, you can add more value to Gitcoin's website or ask better-informed questions, which lead to better user experiences for more members, including yourself. Gitcoin community streams can point you towards new directions that Ethereum and the blockchain industry as a whole are going through. Armed with such information, you can prepare yourself to improve your experience when interacting with different parts of Gitcoin's website, from bounties to Gitcoin chat.