Why use Gitcoin

Technology is shaping our world and it is advancing in rapid phase that institutions, public and private sector alike has to cope with. That is why our community of developers, software engineers, and resource/support individuals are motivated to research and development of tools to meet the growing needs of businesses and other entities.

With our community comprised of a number of skilled and competent individuals sharing a common goal - Gitcoin becomes a hub for funder, employers, and organizations to :

  • Spot potential people to work for your specific needs
    With our tools and features : Quests , Bounties , and Hackathons available, the community is equipped with necessary knowledge and skill set for areas of expertise. They spend hours in working and fixing bugs, issues, as well as contribute in building efficient tools for a number of projects. Which in return they are rewarded in monetary form, Kudos, and rated by project funder / sponsors for their work. Making it a reliable reference of user's competence and reliability.

  • Crowd sourcing for your projects
    Take advantage of our tools / features to help in your project data gathering and development through :
    1. Polls. Got questions for potential market / targets of your project? Set up a poll for fast and efficient gathering of information. Giving you real time and organic results.
    2. Bounties. Need a quick fix or build a simple function or tool? Place a bounty and accept applications. Set the guidelines and timeline. Our community will gladly help you.
    3. Hackathons. Building a more complex project? In need of more people working on set of tools? Sponsor a Hackathon event and be assured of quality works submitted.

  • Advertise with us through CodeFund. Target developers without making them feel like a target.

Finding the perfect employee

Below are some of the means you can use as measures to spot the right person for the job :

  • Drop a bounty and / or Hackathon.
    Collect and evaluate the participant's work if it is of your set standards.

  • Check the User Account and look for the following :
    1. Contributor Rank. The measure of an Contributor's influence on the network which ranges from 1-10 with 10 as the highest.
    2. Ratings. View ratings and feedback received from the community and bounty / hackathon sponsors.
    3. Portfolio. See the previous and ongoing projects they have done. You can also view their works.

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