What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is an open source bounties platform on the Ethereum blockchain. We facilitate a space that allows open source developers to get paid for their work contributing to open source projects and in return, the open source projects get exposure to a vast community of hard working developers they might not have had otherwise. We are a mission driven project whose primary goal is to grow the open source community by allowing for better incentivized collaboration in the realm of open source software.

How Gitcoin works?

We’ve got some really great resources that can help you get up and running on Gitcoin.

Gitcoin For Contributors (Bounty Hunters, Developers)

If you’re a contributor, check out our I'm a coder, how do I use Gitcoin post. This article will tell you all you need to know from opening a Gitcoin account to contributing to your first open source project.

Gitcoin For Funders (Repo Maintainers)

If you’re a funder, you’ll want to check out our piece called I'm a OSS project, how do I use Gitcoin. This article will tell you how to start funding issues and find prospective developers.

Gitcoin for Employers

If you are an employer looking for good developers, check out I'm a employer, how do I use Gitcoin. This article will help you to use Gitcoin to find prospective employees.

Visit: https://gitcoin.co/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-gitcoin/ for more info on getting started.

What does Gitcoin offer?

Gitcoin offers a set of tools for improving the user experience.

  • Bounties to incentivize the completion of various jobs and tasks.
  • Hackathons to provide developers with the necessary tools and resources as well as a workplace environment that is conducive to building blockchain products.
  • Grants to provide crowdfunding of open source projects by designers, developers, and web content creators.
  • Codefund for OSS projects to advertise ethically.
  • Quests to learn about web3 ecosystem and earn Kudos.
  • Kudos as a tokenized means of showing appreciation between users and as a blockchain reward for Gitcoin Quest conquistadors.