What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is a place where you can earn, learn, and connect with other developers.

How to learn

Gitcoin is a place where anyone can learn and expand their knowledge in software engineering and technology applications in this digital world.

This is a community of people with a passion for sharing their skills and creating various features for anyone to use.

The only thing needed is a willingness to learn.

The platform can help in your learning through:

  1. Quests. This feature is for anyone willing to learn new things in a general perspective. It is a collection of topics where you will be introduced to various projects by providing reading materials/resources and take on the questions to see if you learned something. By completing a quest, you'll receive Kudos as a token of your achievement.

  2. Hackathons. This feature is for more adventurous people. It is a section where organizations allocate funds for those who will help build projects they needed. You will be working with a group of people whereby giving you a person to person resource aside from ready materials being provided. With this p2p interaction, you get more knowledge on how to accomplish your tasks.

  3. Bounties. This feature is for people who have the confidence they can resolve issues at hand. They will be working on a learn at your own case. This offers a window for self-learning on how to come up with resolutions to a problem and build fixes. A reward is also given.

  4. The Community. With all of the above features, this is a place one can easily get help and ideas. The members are willing to assist those in need by providing the necessary resources and materials to aid anyone with their tasks. Just drop a question, and surely one will be happy to help.

These are just some of the ways you can learn in Gitcoin. Just be patient, eager to learn new things, and passionate in sharing your skills and knowledge.

How to earn

There are a variety of ways to make $$$ on Gitcoin, including but not limited to:

How to connect

As Gitcoin is a social media platform, users will have a wide array of means to connect and interact with the community. These are thoughtfully crafted to provide everyone an efficient way of communication that plays a vital role in knowledge building and sharing.

  • Chat - Meet fellow developers, designers, futurists, and more. Collaborate and BUIDL awesome projects together.

  • Leaderboard - See who are our Top Users for a period of time ranked by their contributions to the community and be inspired to follow their works.

  • Become a Verified Contributor - Be a rockstar for your outstanding contributions through awesome works. It gives the reputation that you are dependable and contributes nothing but of quality. This opens opportunities on new and exciting open source projects, bounties, or grants!

  • Activity Feed - This is where you will find the things users are up to - the bounties they are working on, hackathons they are contributing to, and learnings they share to the community. Here you get to explore topics that might be of interest to you.

  • Users Explorer - In need of a coder or someone to help you do some tasks? This is where you get to look for them.

  • Tribes - Follow the orgs you like more and build relationships and meaningful projects.


Is Gitcoin free to use?
Yes. This is a free platform for public use. Though certain features and actions require some Ethers to pay for transaction fees as it will be sent to the network.

There are so many things to do, where do I start?
Start with exploring the platform. Check things out and be curious with the features - profile, quests, bounties, and hackathons. Once you're already familiar, take on one quest to get the feels.

Took and passed a quest, how do I redeem my prize - Kudos?
Make sure ETH address is saved in your Account Settings and Metamask ready. Click on redeem button and input or pull from Metamask the Eth address and it will be sent to your wallet.

What's a Kudos?
Kudos are badges representing a developer's values and characteristics that can be sent to anyone as a token for their contribution and/or achievements.

What can I do with Kudos?
Kudos can be sent to anyone as a form of appreciation or you can sell it in Opensea.

I am new to gitcoin and still learning the ropes around the website. I have some earnings according to my profile. How I can withdraw the same into my bank account or redeem it for cash?
Make sure ETH address is saved in your Account settings upon sign up and all rewards and earnings will be sent to your nominated address in real-time.

They say I can send / receive tips?
Yes. Users has the freedom to send tips for valuable contributions by anyone. Tips are from personal wallets of users, not Gitcoin.

How do I send tips?
Please check this tutorial for help.

What's a Town Square?
Think of this as your launchpad to Gitcoin's universe. Details here.

What's a Grant?
Gitcoin Grants provides matching funds + monthly subscription for your favorite OSS maintainers, media outlets, and more.

How do I use Gitcoin Grants?
You can check here.

How do I use Hackathons?
You can check here.

How do I use Bounties?
You can check here.

How do I use Quests?
You can check here.

I have more questions, where do I look for answers?
Worry not. You can check our FAQ Page.