What is CodeFund

CodeFund is a Gitcoin Product founded and being run by a small team of open source maintainers and sustainers that focuses on providing an ethical alternative to digital advertising that drives results and respect from our technical audience

Think of us as your direct channel to target technical audience as we are uniquely qualified to help you succeed when advertising to software developers.

CodeFund for Advertisers

We understand that developers do not want to be profiled or tracked. That is why we help advertisers "Target developers without making them feel like a target".

Our open source ad platform keeps advertisers honest while providing excellent results from Gitcoin's various audience :

  • JavaScript & Frontend
    Frontend development including React, Vue, Angular, and more!

  • Server-Side Web Development
    Includes Python, Ruby, PHP, Django, Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Laravel, and more!

  • Mobile Development
    Mobile app developers using Android, Objective-C, Swift, and React Native

  • CSS & Design
    Tools, blogs, and CDN’s that provide UI/ UX, design, and CSS frameworks.

  • Blockchain
    Blockchain developers, dApp builders, and cryptocurrency users and investors

  • Game Development
    Game tutorials, toolkits, and blogs for both mobile and web game development

  • DevOps
    Includes Kubernetes, Serverless, architecture design and tool

  • Miscellaneous
    Popular projects and sites that attract developers, but do not fit other audiences

Want to know more?

  • Check out our Advertisers Reviews and stats here.
  • Get updated with our achievements through our Blog.

Ready to advertise with us?

  • Just click "Start a Campaign" on this page and it only takes few minutes to set all up.

CodeFund for Publishers

Take advantage of CodeFund's strategic advertisements and earn money without selling out. We help you generate passive income without sacrificing your coding time or community trust.

Why choose CodeFund?

CodeFund operates strong adherence to ethical practices and so we have adopted and applied many of the ideas from the Docs on Ethical Advertising for our Core Values :

  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Open Source
  • Share Knowledge

We do not track, profile, or sell information. We do not use cookies. We only show ads that are relevant and meaningful to the users.

What can CodeFund Provide?

Think of us as your funding agent. Our mission is to help grow and sustain open source. We have dedicated ourselves to building relationships with companies that want to fund your projects.

  • We find the advertisers.
    We find companies that provide products or services that are ideal for software engineers and sell them ad space on multiple websites, including yours.

  • Help you earn to display ad.
    Using either our in-house script or the API, you display the ethical advertisement on your website. Each time the ad is seen, your distribution amount increases.

  • We pay you monthly.
    Every month, we pay out distributions to our publishers for the prior month’s earnings. We have a minimum payout of $25.

Ready to Partner with us?

It only takes few minutes to start your earning here.

This article was last modified: March 25, 2020, 9:55 p.m.